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RuneScape Mithril Dragon Guide

Posted:2009-08-22 14:42:25
The Mithril Dragon is a level 304 creature with an immense amount of defense. This area is a high risk place, you should never combat with Mithril Dragon with the RuneScape items which you do not want lose. Buy cheap RuneScape gold to gain more items in the game to fight with the monster will help you win the battle easily.

Mithril Dragon uses all three attack styles which is weak to stab attacks and it has a maximum hit of approximately 18 for both mage and range and 28 for melee.
The RuneScape gold is the key currency in the game which would improve the power points of your character by using the RuneScapae money.
The player should also notice that Mithril Dragons are immune to poison, they always stay in the cave. They need the firemaking portion of the Barbarian Training minigame to start by talking to Otto Godblessed.
When killing the Mithril Dragon, you have a chance of obtaining a very rare Dragon Full Helmet drop. These item would exchange into the RuneScape money to help you level up fast. Note that Mithril Dragons are the only monsters that drop this valuable item.

To get to Mithril dragons, there are four routes which apparent more frequent.
Route A : East Ardougne - Ancient caves
Route B : Fishing guild - Ancient caves
Route C : Barbarian Assault - Ancient caves
Route D : Gnome Stronghold - Ancient Caves

To kill Mithril Dragons, you can choose between mage, range and melee. It is suggested that you use melee only if you are at least 90 in all melee stats. Each trip, depending on your method and skill level, can get you anywhere from 3 to 7 kills. Pictures below show the suggested equipment to use, but if you can't or don't want to use the same gear, you can always take something cheap RuneScape money with you.

The dragon won't use its range attacks on you, leaving melee and mage. So you should use the best mage protection items you can, and have the melee prayer protection on at all times.
Mithril dragons, like all metal dragons, are weak to stab attacks that are why a Leaf-bladed sword is suggested, as it is the best single handed stab weapon.
It is hard to gain this weapon, you could buy it by using cheapest RuneScape gold.
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