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Runescape: Training Combat Tips

Posted:2009-08-17 15:15:44

Players always want to advance their levels quickly in Runescape as other MMO gamers. So take combat seriously, the more time you spend actually fighting, the greater the amount of experience you will be able to accumulate. We would like to share our readers some training combat tips as well as cheap Runescape gold. Enjoy your game!

Combat training areas are identified on the map with the combat training icon, but combat training is only allowed to players with an Attack, Strength, or Defence level less than nine, depending on what is being trained. Also, these training dummies will only provide experience in the Attack, Strength, and Defence skill. Other combat related skills must be trained by fighting actual monsters. The combat level depends on one's Attack, Defence, Strength, Summoning, Prayer, Magic, Ranged and Hitpoints level. Combat levels gained due to a players summoning level do not apply in F2P worlds.

Set a specific goal to try and achieve when you are training combat. By setting a goal you can keep motivated to achieve it much easier. Particularly in free to play, combat training is much more limited. However, you can try and work to this basic outline when in training mode to improve the efficiency: Monsters will be around half of my current combat level; Use quick weapons like a rune scimitar instead of a heavy weapon such as the rune 2 hand sword.

Following both of those runescape tips, maintain a quick training rate as you will be able to hit the monsters quite often and will be less likely to get surprised by the damage they can inflict. This is a safe way to train and has enabled me to suffer very few deaths to monsters since you started playing runescape.

We will keep adding RuneScape tips to help RS players enjoy this big game. If you want to buy cheap RS gold, please just place an order. Good luck!

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