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Learning Defense Skill in Runescape

Posted:2012-05-13 17:37:19

Playing in a game, you have to learn a lot of skills which allows you level up fast and become powerful and influential in the game. That is so in the Runescape. Among the various skills, defense is one of the skills that are available for all the member and non-member players that allow you avoid the kinds of damage. Learning defense skill well in this game means that you could absorb less damage than the other players who have no learn it well, and at the same time, your enemies attack would be weaker. But that is not the all, just like the Diablo 3 items which makes characters safer, that defense also need to wear a lot of items in the game.

It is easy for defense training. To up thrust your defense level, you would use Magic, Ranged or Melee skills. So in order to level up your defense, you should get defense experience point. There in the Runescape, a lot of quests are available to you, which give you defense experience as a reward. Completing quests is much difficult for all the players, no matter you are newbie or veteran, because quests often takes a long time to do, and more often , there are many monsters or devils you could not defeat. Sometimes you could be defeated by the enemies and died in the game. So if you are eager to get experience quiet fast, there are experience lamps allows you to gain defense experience fast. Or the easiest way that you could buy Runescape money on the internet.

Some items make a good contribution to your defense training. Just take the Brawling gloves as an example, this item would provide you extra bonus in a battle to gain defense experience, and Sacred clay equipment also speed up your defense training. Items when used give bonuses to defense training in the Runescape you should pay attention.

There are some players in the game called the defense pures. This kind of players have a common feature that they usually train a lot of defense but look down upon the other useful and helpful skills. As I have said at the beginning, you should learn a lot of skills in a game and that makes you have the chance to be powerful and influential. The “defense pures” are great tanks but at the other hand, they are not able to deal a lot of damage. I suggest you to train defense in a combination with summoning, which is a very useful combination for it allows you are able to stand a huge amount of damage while still fighting in a battle. If you are looking for more information about Runescape skills, you could click here to check out.

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